Saturday, February 25, 2017

Seventh Saturday of Ordinary Time

An everlasting covenant he has made with them, his justice and his judgments he has revealed to them. His majestic glory their eyes beheld, his glorious voice their ears heard. He says to them, “Avoid all evil”; each of them he gives precepts about his fellow men. Their ways are ever known to him, they cannot be hidden from his eyes.

God has given us many things. He created us in His Divine Image. He gave us dominion over the earth. He has offered us knowledge and wisdom. He has shown us what is good and evil. He has made covenants with us and revealed His Justice and Mercy to us. He has warned us against sin and provided us with the grace to know, love, and serve Him and His children. He watches over us every day lending us the aid we need to become good and faithful servants. And it is up to us to see all these good things and to repay Him for all He has done for us. We do this best when we keep His Divine Image clean within our hearts. When we treat creation with the same respect and love He does. When we use the truth He has taught us to make prudent decisions. When we imitate His Justice and Mercy with our own words and works. When we warn others away from temptation and sin and help them to be holier. When we lend others our help without expectation of return. In this way, we avoid all evil and live up to our end of the new covenant.

Do we not only accept God’s justice and judgment, but seek to reveal it through our words and works? Are we avoiding all evil? How can we make God’s precepts of love, mercy, and grace into the foundation stones of our lives?

O Lord, make us into living covenants.


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