Saturday, July 22, 2017

Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

On my bed at night I sought him whom my heart loves–I sought him but I did not find him. I will rise then and go about the city; in the streets and crossings I will seek Him whom my heart loves.

Love makes us go out to others. It makes us get up in the middle of the night and seek our beloved. It disturbs us in a good way. It does not let us rest or focus all our energies on ourselves. It requires us to go forth and seek what is best for God and others. If we only care about ourselves than the thought of others would be the furthest thing from our minds. We would have no need for them and become self-involved to the point we would ignore everything else. Selfishness would consume us. But when we love someone else, we can cast aside our selfishness and become selfless for them. Hopefully we do that for God and His children because it is the only way we will ever have eternal life.

What disturbs us from our selfish thoughts? Who do we love more ourselves or God and His children? How can we become more selfless and loving?

O Lord, may our hearts seek you every day and night.


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