Saturday, July 1, 2017

Twelfth Saturday of Ordinary Time

“Now that I am so withered and my husband is so old, am I still to have sexual pleasure?” But the LORD said to Abraham: “Why did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Shall I really bear a child, old as I am?’ Is anything too marvelous for the LORD to do? At the appointed time, about this time next year, I will return to you, and Sarah will have a son.” Because she was afraid, Sarah dissembled, saying, “I didn’t laugh.” But he replied, “Yes you did.”

There may be times in our lives when we feel like Sarah... we think to ourselves that something is impossible even for God to do. However, we need to remember that God is all powerful. He can help us overcome any obstacle. He can give us the strength to carry any burden. He can offer us the graces and gifts we need to fulfill His Will. He can forgive us our sins, no matter how bad they might be. He is not limited in His Love or Mercy and at the appointed time He will gives us all we need to survive our trails and thrive in holiness. But in His time, not ours. So let us resist the temptation to put restraints on God’s Goodness and Power and instead accept God’s aid in whatever form it comes... whenever it comes.

Are there things in our lives that we haven’t entrusted to God’s Providence? How can we place these things into His Hands? What can we do to become more trusting of God’s Love for us and His willingness to provide for our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs?

O Lord, there is nothing too marvelous for you to do.


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