Friday, August 11, 2017

Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin

Ask now of the days of old, before your time, ever since God created man upon the earth; ask from one end of the sky to the other: Did anything so great ever happen before? Was it ever heard of? Did a people ever hear the voice of God speaking from the midst of fire, as you did, and live? Or did any god venture to go and take a nation for himself from the midst of another nation, by testings, by signs and wonders, by war, with his strong hand and outstretched arm, and by great terrors, all of which the LORD, your God, did for you in Egypt before your very eyes?

God is personally involved in our lives, just as He was with the Israelites so long ago. All the goods in our lives come from Him. He constantly speaks to us through our conscience and through the inspired words of others. He ventures forth with us in all our endeavors and offers His aid in our times of trial and tribulation. By signs and wonders, great and small, he delivers us from evil and leads us to good. We might not always notice His Presence or the instances of His Divine Assistance, but He is with us... always. In return, we ought to do everything in our power to remember what God has done for us and to recognize His Presence in our lives... for there should be no doubt that He will remember us, the good and bad, when the time comes for our earthly journey to end.

Do we keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open to seeing, understanding, and appreciating everything God does for us? Are our ears and consciences open to listening to and putting into practice God’s Divine Word? In what ways do we recognize God’s Presence in our lives?

O Lord, thank you for all you have do for us.


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