Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Twentieth Wednesday of Ordinary Time

Then all the trees said to the buckthorn, 'Come; you reign over us!' But the buckthorn replied to the trees, 'If you wish to anoint me king over you in good faith, come and take refuge in my shadow. Otherwise, let fire come from the buckthorn and devour the cedars of Lebanon.'

It is easy to ask God to watch over us and protect us... to be our King. It is much more difficult to uproot ourselves from worldly things and plant ourselves in the shade of God’s Sovereignty. We can only do this if we are serious about becoming His good and faithful servants. We can only do this if we are willing to humble ourselves in good faith and take refuge under the branches of the commandments of God, the teachings of the Scriptures, and the traditions of the Church. If we are not able or willing to pull up our ties to worldly things and plant ourselves firmly in the Kingdom of God, then we shall be burned away in the fires of Hell. It is only those who are willing to live under God’s Love and Mercy that shall find eternal life.

Are we willing to give up our will and allow God’s Will to rule over us? When we call God our Lord and King do we do so in good faith and full humility? What can we do to uproot ourselves from the world and plant ourselves in the good ground of heavenly virtues?

O Lord, come reign over us.


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