Monday, December 16, 2019

Third Monday of Advent

Teach me your ways, O Lord. Remember that your compassion, O LORD, and your kindness are from of old. In your kindness remember me, because of your goodness, O LORD.

We have a lot to learn from God. He is a loving Father, who shows us how to be good sons and daughters. He is a Good Shepherd, who leads us to holiness in thought, word, and deed. He is an Advocate, who inspires us to become better people. Everything we could ever want to learn comes from Him. He teaches us compassion, kindness, goodness, and love. He is the Most Perfect Teacher, giving us the Good News, the Scriptures, and the Church to guide us along our paths to holiness. He will always remember us and hopefully, we will always remember Him for all the wondrous things He’s done for us.

Do we remember God as we should? Do we allow Him to teach us His Way, His Truth, and His Life? How do we imitate His Compassion, Kindness, and Goodness?

O Lord, teach us your ways.


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