Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Thursday

This is how you are to eat it: with your loins girt, sandals on your feet and your staff in hand, you shall eat like those who are in flight. It is the Passover of the LORD. For on this same night I will go through Egypt, striking down every firstborn of the land, both man and beast, and executing judgment on all the gods of Egypt—I, the LORD! But the blood will mark the houses where you are. Seeing the blood, I will pass over you; thus, when I strike the land of Egypt, no destructive blow will come upon you.

What sets us apart from worldly people is our disentanglement from people, places, and things in favor of a holy attachment to God. This detachment does not mean cold-hearted indifference to others, but rather a willingness to sacrifice everything we hold dear in order to do God’s Will. It is this sacrificial spirit that makes us true disciples of Christ. Just as he offered himself up for us, so we offer ourselves up for the glory of God, the reparation of sins, the conversion of sinners, and the salvation of souls. Our participation in the Eucharistic celebration at mass prepares us for the long road of holy surrender that we must all walk. Our reception of the Body and Blood of Christ marks us as the sons and daughters of God and co-heirs of the Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. When accepted with humble and contrite hearts, the Blessed Sacrament brings us life and protects us from death.

Are we detached from the world? Are we attached to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Do we mark ourselves as Christians through the passionate celebration and humble reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, our Savior?

O Lord, your Eucharistic feast is our sustenance and shield.


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