Monday, June 5, 2017

Memorial of Saint Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

And I wept. Then at sunset I went out, dug a grave, and buried him. The neighbors mocked me, saying to one another: “He is still not afraid! Once before he was hunted down for execution because of this very thing; yet now that he has scarcely escaped, here he is again burying the dead!”

It takes courage to risk your reputation, well-being, or life to do what is right. This is what Tobit did and it is what we are called to do. Just as he went against the king and gave alms to the poor and burial to the dead. He knew it might cost him everything he owned and loved, but he would not sacrifice what was right for an easier life. His neighbors mocked him for doing good. They chose indifference to charity. They chose self-interest over love of neighbor. They refused to bury the dead or give alms out of fear... and it is their loss. They have their lives backward. They do evil and avoid good. But Tobit shows us the way to live. To be not afraid of doing what is right, even if it costs us everything in this world. For if we do good no matter what stands in our way, then we shall have our reward in heaven and our lives shall be secure forever.

Are we courageous when it comes to doing the right thing in face of opposition? Are we willing to suffer in order to know, love, and serve God and His children? How can we become more charitable to all?

O Lord, grant us hearts that will give your love to others without counting the cost.


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