Friday, March 29, 2019

Third Friday of Lent

I am the Lord your God: hear my voice. An unfamiliar speech I hear: “I relieved his shoulder of the burden; his hands were freed from the basket. In distress you called, and I rescued you.”

When we are in distress, God will rescue us. He will listen to our cries and come to our aid. He might not answer our petitions in the time and manner that we want, but He will give us the grace to overcome all our fears, doubts, pains, and obstacles. He will lead us to a better place, if not physically, at least spiritually. He will relieve us of our burdens and free us from our slavery to sin and worldly things. And ultimately, He will bring us out of bondage to a land flowing with the milk of His Divine Mercy and the honey of His Love.

What burdens are weighing us down? How can we free ourselves of all that is enslaving us to sin and the world? How can we help God rescue others from their difficulties?

O Lord, relieve us of our burdens and free us from our sins.


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