Friday, October 6, 2017

Twenty-Sixth Friday of Ordinary Time

For we did not heed the voice of the Lord, our God, in all the words of the prophets whom he sent us, but each one of us went off after the devices of his own wicked heart, served other gods, and did evil in the sight of the Lord, our God.

We are constantly tempted to follow our own devices, to serve other things or people, and to do evil in the sight of God. However, God didn’t give us life or put us on earth to ignore Him or His Words. He wants us to heed His voice through our consciences and to live our faith in accord with His Teachings in the Scriptures and the Traditions of the Church. He has given us not only the prophets to proclaim the Divine Word, but made the Word into Flesh so He could show us the Way, speak to us the Truth, and give us the Life He wants us to live. It is up to us to accept the messages He has sent us and to conform our lives to them so we might have good hearts and know, love, and serve God and His children with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strengths. He wants us to do good in His sight and to bear abundant fruits.

How can we put God’s callings before our own devices? What can we do to serve God and avoid the temptation to idolize worldly things and people? How can we make our lives more spiritually fruitful?

O Lord, help us to do good in your sight.


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