Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Thirty-Fourth Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Give glory and eternal praise to him. “Sun and moon, bless the Lord; praise and exalt him above all forever.”

Every moment of our lives should be spent praising God and exulting Him above all else in this world. There is nothing in the waters, on the earth, or in the heavens that could ever compare to God. There is nothing we can think that would be more fruitful than to think of God and how to imitate Him. There is nothing we can say that would be more edifying and effective than to speak the Word of God and proclaim the gospels. There is nothing we can do that will bear better fruit than to do God’s Will in all things. Everything has its good beginning in God and will only find its best end in and through Him. There is no other path to salvation than the ones laid before us by God, who prepares the way for each of us according to our own personalities, talents, and needs.

Do we spend as much time praising and exalting God as we should? How can we find even more time? What can we do to bring His thoughts, words, and works into the world for His glory and the good of others?

O Lord, we praise and exult you above all forever.


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