Saturday, November 16, 2019

Thirty-Second Saturday in Ordinary Time

Remember the marvels the Lord has done! Then he struck every first born throughout their land, the first fruits of all their manhood. And he led them forth laden with silver and gold, with not a weakling among their tribes.

The world around us is full of marvels and miracles. If we do not see them, it is not God’s fault, but our own blindness. He constantly works within our lives in great and small ways. We might not connect the dots or see the whole picture in our lives, but He is there with us always. He has struck down our enemies and raised us up. He has given us graces and gifts beyond counting. He has led us forth laden with good things and built up our faith so we are not weaklings. The trials we undergo are not for our punishment, but for our betterment. He wants us to prove our metal in this life and the only way to do that is to cleanse us in purifying fires, forge us through our choices, and temper us with His Holy Spirit.

Do we remember the marvels God has done for us? Do we let God lead us where He wants us? What can we do to prove our metal to Him?

O Lord, lead us forth and strengthen us.


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