Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Eighteenth Wednesday in Ordinary Time

Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people. We have sinned, we and our fathers; we have committed crimes; we have done wrong. Our fathers in Egypt considered not your wonders.

God favors us in many ways and yet sometimes we forget how much He does for us. When something doesn’t quite go our way or when we are asked to take a leap of faith or make a sacrifice, we can sometimes rebel against Him. We choose selfishness and sin over self-sacrifice and virtue. We grumble and complain against God rather than glorify and praise Him. We have a worldly attitude toward God, asking, “What have you done for us?” Instead, we should be asking, “What are you, O Lord, asking of us?” And when He responds, we should take that leap of faith and say, “Yes!” This is what Mary did in her most holy life. It is what the saints and martyrs did. It is the only way for us to share in God’s promise of salvation and enter into the Promised Land.

Do we spend time each day thinking about all the blessings, graces, gifts, talents, and other marvelous deeds God has done for us? How can we repay God for all the goods He has given us? What can we do to bring blessings and graces into the lives of those around us?

O Lord, help us to remember your presence in our lives and be ever thankful for it.


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