Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nineteenth Tuesday in Ordinary Time

The portion of the Lord is his people. For I will sing the LORD’s renown. Oh, proclaim the greatness of our God! The Rock–how faultless are his deeds, how right all his ways!

We should indeed sing the Lord’s renown for not only what He has done throughout the ages, but also what He has done for us. We are merely specks in the grand scheme of His Divine Plan and yet He has become our Heavenly Father, sacrificed His Beloved Son for us, and given us His Holy Spirit. There is nothing on earth, under the seas, or in the skies that can satisfy us more profoundly and completely than God. He is righteous and good and loving beyond all expectations. He is the rock of our salvation and it is upon Him that we should all build our lives.

Do we understand what it means to be part of God’s Holy Family through the Church? In what ways do we proclaim the greatness of our Heavenly Father? How can we imitate Him and all His righteous ways?

O Lord, we will sign of your renown and greatness all the days of our lives.


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