Friday, August 16, 2019

Nineteenth Friday in Ordinary Time

His mercy endures forever. Who led his people through the wilderness, for his mercy endures forever; Who smote great kings, for his mercy endures forever; And slew powerful kings, for his mercy endures forever.

If we live holy lives by following God’s commandments, Jesus’ teachings, and the Holy Spirit’s inspirations, then we will triumph over all that stand in our way to Heaven. There will be no wilderness of temptation and sin that will be able to confuse us and lead us astray as long as we allow God’s Light to show us the Way. There will be no enemies, human or otherwise, who will be able to keep us from the Promised Land. Every evil will part from us and every doubt will be washed away if we trust God will be with us through it all. His Mercy will always endure forever and for that reason we should be good and grateful servants.

What wildernesses do we need help passing through? How can we let go and let God lead us through these barren lands to the Promised Land? How can we aid others in their own journeys toward God?

O Lord, be merciful and lead us to eternal life with you.


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