Saturday, August 31, 2019

Twenty-First Saturday in Ordinary Time

The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice. Before the LORD, for he comes, for he comes to rule the earth; He will rule the world with justice and the peoples with equity.

We should welcome God’s rule over us. We should be thankful He wants to conquer our hearts and make them part of His Heavenly Kingdom. We should exult that He has come to humble us. We should be happy we are made into His servants. We should praise Him for His light yoke and easy burden. We should glorify Him for His Justice and Mercy. We should be glad He treats us with equity. We should leap for joy in the knowledge He loves us and wants us to be with Him forever.

Are we willing to let God rule us? How can we humble ourselves before Him? What is our Heavenly King asking us to do today, tomorrow, and forever?

O Lord, rule over us.


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