Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sixth Tuesday of Easter

Your right hand saves me, O Lord.  I will give thanks to you, O LORD, with all my heart, for you have heard the words of my mouth; in the presence of the angels I will sing your praise; I will worship at your holy temple, and give thanks to your name.

God is constantly trying to save us. He saves us from temptations. He saves us from evil influences. He saves us from sin. He saves us from immorality. He saves us form the wickedness and snares of the Devil. He saves us from eternal darkness and death. He saves us from our enemies. He saves us from ourselves. He saves us in great and small ways each and every day and for this we should give thanks with all our hearts and sing His praises.

Are our eyes open to the moments of saving grace that surround us? How can we make God’s mission to save us easier for Him? What can we do to amend our lives today?

O Lord, save us.


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