Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Twelfth Tuesday of Ordinary Time

He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord. He who walks blamelessly and does justice; who thinks the truth in his heart and slanders not with his tongue... shall never be disturbed.

If we do justice, we will live in the presence of the Lord, but if we do not, then we reject God and all that He calls us to be. If we are truthful, then God is in our thoughts and words and works, but if we do not, then we deny the Word of God in favor of a worldly life. If we are good as our Heavenly Father is Good, we will bear abundant fruits, but if we choose evil, then we will reap destruction. If we are faithful then we will become more Christ-like in all things, but if we are indifferent, then we will become lukewarm and God will spit us out. If we hope in the Holy Spirit, we will be at peace no matter what happens to us, but if we doubt and fear, then we shall become lost. If we love, God will return our love a thousand-fold, but if we hate, then we will be judged according to how we judged others.

Do we act justly toward God and His children? How can we be better bearers of the virtues and Good News God calls us to embody? What can we do to walk blameless before our God? 

O Lord, help us to be just and truthful in all things.


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