Friday, July 12, 2019

Fourteenth Friday of Ordinary Time

The salvation of the just comes from the Lord. The LORD watches over the lives of the wholehearted; their inheritance lasts forever. They are not put to shame in an evil time; in days of famine they have plenty. 

Being wholehearted means offering everything to God. It means not holding anything back. It means giving all we have to God. It means making our lives into living sacrifices. It means handing over our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies to God to do with as He wills. It means loving God and His children with all we are. If we do this, then we will inherit the Kingdom of God. We will not be put to shame. We will have plenty all the days of our lives.

Are we wholeheartedly God’s people? If not, then how can we become more God’s and less our own? What can we do to make clear to God and others that we are Christians?

O Lord, we are wholeheartedly yours.


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