Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sixteenth Saturday of Ordinary Time

Offer to God a sacrifice of praise. “Why do you recite my statutes, and profess my covenant with your mouth Though you hate discipline and cast my words behind you?”

Sometimes we fail to offer God a sacrifice of praise. This happens when selfishness enters into our thoughts, words, and works. We might do the “right” thing, but for the wrong reasons. Our just and merciful actions might be tainted by self-righteousness and unforgiveness. We might put on a mask of goodness, but without addressing the evil within our hearts. We talk a good game about being followers of Christ, but in truth we fail to follow through on our talk and make it our reality, too. However, with God’s Grace all things are possible… even changing our fake praise and “good” works with the real things. We just have to let go of our selfish desires and grudges and let God step into these areas and purify them and make them holy.

Why are we selfish, self-righteous, and unforgiving? How can we rid ourselves of these things and become more faithful to the New Covenant? In what ways can we be more faithful in our praising of God?

O Lord, make us into truly just and merciful people, who praise you in through, word, and work.


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