Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sixteenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time

The Lord gave them bread from heaven. They tempted God in their hearts by demanding the food they craved. Yes, they spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the desert?”

Nothing is impossible for God. No matter how dire our situation might seem, He always will be able to save us, if we let Him. There are many who complain that God doesn’t do enough for them or asks too much of them. However, when we consider what God has given us, we should have no other response, but “What is your will, O Lord?” God has given everyone the Bread of Life through Jesus Christ and no matter what temptations might come that try to convince us God owes us anything else, He doesn’t. Everything He provides us is a gift and we should appreciate and respect that truth. And we do this best by loving God with all our minds, hearts, souls, and strengths and trusting He will lead us through the desert of this life and into the Promised Land of the next.

When we are going through a spiritual dry spell, do we seek out the nourishment of the Blessed Sacrament? How can we avoid becoming complainers and instead trust in God’s Divine Plan? How often do we stop and ask God what He wants us to think, say, or do?

O Lord, thank you for the Bread of Life.


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