Saturday, April 13, 2019

Fifth Saturday of Lent

The Lord will guard us, as a shepherd guards his flock. Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, proclaim it on distant isles, and say: He who scattered Israel, now gathers them together, he guards them as a shepherd his flock.

Sometimes God allows us to be scattered. He allows trials and tribulations to enter our lives and turn them upside down. He doesn’t do this to torment or harm us. He does this because He wants to test our metal. He wants to know if we truly love and serve Him or if we are only giving Him lip service when everything is going our way. He allows our difficulties to reveal our hearts and minds and hopefully to strengthen our faith, hope, and charity. It is much easier to think and say we are Christians, but much more difficult to show we are Christians by our love. Thankfully, after we are scattered, God comes to gather us again, bringing peace and guarding us from harm. We have only to pass through these dark nights to see the rising Son of the Resurrection and life eternal.

Do we turn to God when we are scattered by fears, doubts, and worries? Do we welcome Him into our lives when He comes to gather us back into His flock? Are we willing to let Him lead us where we need to go?

O Lord, guard us as a shepherd guards his flock.


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