Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday in the Octave of Easter

The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever. Let the house of Israel say, “His mercy endures forever.” Let those who fear the LORD say, “His mercy endures forever.”

It is probably difficult for us as Christians to understand how the people of Jesus’ time could reject, scourge, and crucify such a loving and good person. However, when we think about our own lives it becomes much clearer just how people can turn their backs on Jesus. We reject him every time we choose selfishness over selflessness. We reject him every time we take the easy road of sin instead of the hard path of holiness. We reject him when we judge others rather than love and forgive them. We reject him when we feel superior to others instead of being humble and merciful. Those who rejected and crucified Jesus weren’t very different from us and some of them even became Christians after he rose from the dead. Thankfully, just because we turn our backs on Jesus from time to time doesn’t doom us to destruction. It simply means that like Paul we have to cast aside our old sinful ways and embrace God’s Divine Mercy, which endures forever.

In what ways have we rejected God in our lives? What part of ourselves is built upon the unstable sands of the world and which are built on God? How is God’s Mercy at work in our lives?

O Lord, we fear disappointing you, but if we do, then please be merciful to us.


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