Monday, April 29, 2019

Second Monday of Easter

Blessed are all who take refuge in the Lord. Why do the nations rage and the peoples utter folly? The kings of the earth rise up, and the princes conspire together against the LORD and against his anointed: "Let us break their fetters and cast their bonds from us!"

Many nations rage against Christian values. Their people utter every folly against the followers of Christ. Mockery and persecution are not things of the distant past. They are constantly circling every Christian looking for any weakness. Some of these are subtle attacks. Others are blatant and violent. Many leaders and politicians conspire against our faith, its teachings, and ultimately our God. All we can do as Christians is defend ourselves with good words and works that speak to the heart of others and make clear we are a people of truth, conviction, and love that will never bow or bend to the pressures of the world.

Are we taking refuge in the Lord in the midst of our trials? Have we prepared ourselves to be persecuted? How can we resist the mockery of the world with our good words and works?

O Lord, help us overcome all our worldly persecutors.


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